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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My LookBook Diary+shoppings!

The pants I love ripped jeans and a vest that´s pared with a frilly top for a more soft touch

My fav color pale pink with red heels and pale pink bag from my fav store Mango

Summer look colorful bikini and a natural face

The Look boys love

You can never go wrong with Black&White

Shopping Bag For The Week:

Red flirty, feminin and sexy shirt from H&M

High hells copied from the Alexander Wang shoe from Mango

Brouges so chic and trendy from Mango

Asus EEE 1008p Karim Limiter Edition Computer it´s mine now

Pink sweet camera samsung ES15 10,2 Mega Pixel

Question: What was the last thing you bought?...:)

xoxo fashion geek


  1. You Look great with the red blouse and I love both shoes!
    Thank you for following my blog by the way.

  2. love this :)