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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2010+runway video

A hole coverage from the best collection of 2010 summer...ENJOY!

My fav looks from the collection, though I want it was hard..

Backstage with the master him self : Alexander Wang ( my hero )

The models: very pale and blanke

The beauty look: sweet and sporty

How to get the style:

1) HOT PANTS - $7.50 American Eagle
While we love the look of super short hot pants à la Lady Gaga, in reality we advise you to only wear them in the comfort of your own home or as a stylish treat below your ordinary clothes. While they look great on a runway or up on stage, they’re best left to the exhibitionists.

2) KNEE HIGH SOCKS - $10 B.ella at Lori’s Shoes
B.ella’s grey knee highs are a steal at only $10 a pop and their resemblance to those worn on Alexander Wang’s Spring 2010 runways is uncanny - we’ll just have to cut out the toes ourselves.

3) SOLID BOOTIES - $170 Topshop
We may not be pro kickboxers but we know a good bootie when we see one. These lace up wedge booties from Topshop are solid enough to kick any fashionista’s butt.

4) UNDERWEAR AS OUTER - $35 James Perse
Alexander Wang wasn’t the only designer to show underwear on the outside - Marc Jacobs and Joe Fresh both subscribed to this theory of thinking for Spring 2010.

5) SHEAR TANKS - $29.95 H&M
Worn on their own or layered over each other, billowy tanks have been our favorite must-have for seasons. This spring we plan to step it up a notch and invest in sheer tanks of the silky variety. We think this grey silk tank from H&M is a good start for under $30.

6) HEATHER GREY HOODIES - $375 Alexander Wang at La Garconne
Sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to the real thing. Alexander Wang’s Cotten Terry Hoodie is a nice treat both on and off the track, even if it comes with such a heft pricetag.

ps. my exame week starts so I have to take a little break but I´ll bee soon back before ya know it :)
xoxo fashion geek

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pick your dream prom dress!


2.Badgley Mischka


4.Carolina Herrera

5.Elie Saab



Are you...
1. Dreamy
2. Safe
3. Simple
4. Fashionable
5. Sweet
6. Dramatic
7. Colorful

xoxo fashion geek

Friday, May 21, 2010

Put your socks on!

When worn by your old man and paired with Teva's, the socks and sandals look is, well, not so hot. Styled with sexy heels on some of our favorite models and fashion bloggers? That's another story. Plenty of designers sent the quirky pairing down their runways for Spring 2010. And if Burberry, Dior and Rochas are giving their sartorial OK, we're naturally inclined to follow suit. Plus, you can't get a more affordable accessory than the stretchy feetwear. So, in the spirit of trying out the new trend, we've taken some inspiration from some of our favorite runway looks as well as trend-savvy fashion bloggers to construct the look from the sock down!

ps. Have a nice weekend :)

xoxo fashion geek

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ciao, what´s the most importante thing you have to have? Yes, the Chloe´ bag but there is one thing more. A child to call your own. Say to me have you thought about names? Then tell me wich one? For the boy, girl or both...mine whould be called Amos for the boy and Daisy for the girl:)Below are some fashion shoots with motherhood as inspiration.

Happines of your life, the most beautiful moment...

The Arrival

Little fingers curl up tight to make a tiny fist,
As fairy lips purse out as if to make a gentle kiss. . .
Eyes, wide as a kitten's, and little button nose,
You look like someone's angel--down to your pudgy toes. . .

Although you are so wrinkled and your face is still so pale,
And the only song you seem to know sounds like a shrilling wail,
When you are here before me, finally, I feel complete.
I've waited so long, sweetheart. . . at last, we finally meet.

ps. watch the new movie motherhood, so funny :)

xoxo fashion geek

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check out your zodiac signature stone!

Hello! Summer is here and i´m so happy about that. My look today is marine preppy, so trendy right blazer is new and I just love it. Down below you can check out your signature stone.

This ring is allsow new from gina tricot, the watch is michael kors my favourit jewellery, and fav colour wich is turques, my aquarius signs stone...

Do you know your zodiac signs signature stone ?

xoxo fashion geek

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pastel is so on FIRE now!

Ciao, black is nice, but right now pastel is the in colour. It´s sweet, soft and cute, who whouldn´t want to bee like that? The colour is everywhere in the hair, rooms, make up and ofcourse in the clothes. So go for it become a sugary and sweet marshmallow;)

Your fav colour is...?
xoxo fashion geek

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping For - Victoria Beckham

The Spice Girls may have become just another relic of Nineties throwback shows on VH1, but Posh Spice made it through to the proverbial other side.

Arguably, the most famous of the footballer's wives, Victoria Beckham is one of those girls who just seems born for the spotlight – and she knows how to dress the arm candy part.

A fan of the finer things, this designer in her own right proudly flaunts labels lesser girls (ok, poorer girls) swoon over. But we have a hunch that as much as she loves her Hermes Birkin, it's the luxe fabrications and couture-like fit of high-end designs that really reel her in (e.g. her luxurious eponymous line carried at Net-a-Porter has celebs like Elle Macpherson and Jennifer Hudson clamoring for the ultra-sleek fit).

So the trick to channeling the pretty Brit? Don't skimp if you can, get thee to a tailor, and flawless basics are boss.

Below, find a selection of fashionable finds that give a whole new meaning to the term "soccer mom."

Fashionable finds with the Posh one in mind:
1. White bodycon dress, $65, by Topshop
2. Green cargo pants, $295, by Sass & Bide at Net-a-Porter
3. Deep purple croc-embossed bag, $128.73, by High Fashion, at Endless
4. Black jersey blazer, $345, by Diane von Furstenberg at Net-a-Porter
5. Black leather belt, $230, by Maison Martin Margiela
6. Blush patent leather platform pumps, $79.95, by Steve Madden
7. Tan classic trench, $460, by A.P.C. at La Garconne
8. Gray silk sheer t-shirt, $90, by Kain label at Net-a-Porter
9. Black peep-toe booties, $89.98, by Aldo
10. Gray skinny jeans, $19.99 by Wet Seal
11. Rose gold effect watch, $33.82, by asos
12. Large square sunglasses, $260, by Dolce & Gabbana, at Saks Fifth Avenue

xoxo fashion geek

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My summer look

Summer is here my friends and I´m so happy. Yesterday I went to bought this hair piece from a great vintage store called KIA&co. After that I went babysitting 16 small kids, was a good experience but hope that was the last. I got money from it and going to shop for them to, I worked hard for the money. Have a nice summer day. I go out now and take some sun. And later go to the the city and from there to my special person;)

Beauty products I coludn´t live without:
I love Nivea great for my sensitive skin and chip.

These hair products are the best and smell wonderful.

Tell me your summer look?

ps. vote for me at the contest Hp computer:D

xoxo fashion geek

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Close up, gorgeous thing

Be a natural beauty, enbrase it becouse you all are worth the feeling of beeing a rare beauty, untouched beauty...summer is all about beeing happy as you are and accept go on take of your make up...and put it back when he comes.

Beauty for me...

Close your eyes,
what do you see?
Do you see my eyes,
my body,
my face,
my soul,
Beauty lies in the beholder's eyes,
so that´s why I say to you dear friend,
don´t forget my heart it has been broken before,
though my heart is the most beautiful of all,
and it´s my most precious gift to you,
hope you accept it...?

Beauty lies in the beholder's eyes
By: Leonie Lipponen aka fashion geek


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Secret admirer...

Do you feel alone?

Or is someone watching over you?

Does the person call you without saying anything?

Does this person intrig you?

He is surtenly obsessed by you and your smell...

You feel something strange are not alone

Thinking of that makes you tired and weak...

But he can´t sleep, he only thinks about you.

He want´s to make you his treasur...

But you have problems...deep problems...

So you KILL him!

A short story by me from Olga Sherer by Elisabeth Toll. The most beautiful photo shoot ever made. It´s perfect, tell me your favourite photo shoot?

xoxo fashion geek