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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let the games begin!

Hello:) Hope you all had a nice weekend I shure did. I´ve seen that the MM-football games in South-Africa this year 11.6- 11.7 has influyted the fashion industry. Is Brazil going to win or will Holland soprice? Say to me wich country do you want to win or who´s the best looking player?
My team is Portugal and the lucky boy is ofcourse Cristiano Ronaldo.
Spring 2010 football looks by Alexander Wang (left) and Alexandre Herchcovitch.

England’s Laurence Cope, age 19;
France’s Mickael Melcher, age 22;
Germany’s Lenn Haberthaler, age 21;
Greece’s Nikos Douramanis, age 22;
Italy’s Carmelo Di Guardo, age 23;
The Netherlands’ Chiel Konings, age 20;
Russia’s Dan Miller, age 23;
Spain’s Luis Ansa Echegaray, age 24; and
Sweden’s Alex Bechet, age 23;
ps. pick your favourite

Soccer mom Posh pitches up to see Brooklyn play football... in a designer dress and $7,500 handbag
Overdressed: Victoria arrives at the soccer pitch wearing a Sixties style shift dress, orange and gold mule sandals and a carrying an orange Hermes Birkin bag

xoxo fashion geek


  1. Victoria is one of my gurus. She has made a lot of her self through sheer will, thinking smart, and effort. Salute!

  2. you can never be overdressed unless it is the obvious... she is just nciely dressed :)