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Friday, May 21, 2010

Put your socks on!

When worn by your old man and paired with Teva's, the socks and sandals look is, well, not so hot. Styled with sexy heels on some of our favorite models and fashion bloggers? That's another story. Plenty of designers sent the quirky pairing down their runways for Spring 2010. And if Burberry, Dior and Rochas are giving their sartorial OK, we're naturally inclined to follow suit. Plus, you can't get a more affordable accessory than the stretchy feetwear. So, in the spirit of trying out the new trend, we've taken some inspiration from some of our favorite runway looks as well as trend-savvy fashion bloggers to construct the look from the sock down!

ps. Have a nice weekend :)

xoxo fashion geek


  1. Great post, I'm loving my lace socks with my brown brogues at the min! xx

  2. You have really nice pictures ! it's a pleasure to see your blog !


  3. I've nominated you for an award! xxxxx


  4. love your style and your blog is just amazing :))):*

  5. The first look is amazing, I'm almost sad the cold weather is over for a few months now:)

  6. The second picture is amazing

    Love your blog :)

    Check out mine/follow? x

  7. love this! in the last photo - uma wearing the bright green socks - what spread is this from and/or who is she modeling for?