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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweden Street Style

Hej! I´m a Swedish speaking Finn. And can proudly say that you swedes girl have a sense of good style. You are fierce and your looks are always pot together. You girls are one of my inspiration source and maybe YOU my dear reader like it to?

Filippa is one of those super-dooper multi-taskers girls who never fail to make me jealous: model, stylist and fashion editor at Radar Magazine she also had on the most envy-inducing shoes: those gorgeous Acne Atacoma black wedge-heeled ankle boots with the little silver insert running along the bottom.

Love the socks, and how she manages to be so cosy.

The sweetest look and the colors go so well together...she can do it.

Still not convinced that over the knee boots can succeed as an easy and effortless day-time look? Blogger Caroline may change your mind. She works the boots-over-skinny-jeans look in the simplest of ways, pairing them with a white tank and black leather biker jacket.

xoxo fashion geek


  1. I love the style from the girlin thisfirst picture<3

  2. great girls with a great sence of style <3
    check/fallow my blog if you want