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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hi! Now I´m two weeks of my new training routine, hope I get bigger. Here´s some bonus pictures of my baby boy, Poco now five months old. He's just the greatest and such a well behaved dog.

My training program:

Monday: shoulder + cardio + arms + triceps
Tusday: legs + cardio
Wensday: back + cardio + arms + triceps
Thursday: off day
Friday: chest + cardio
Saturday: legs + cardio
Sunday: cardio + sabs

It looks something like that, I take abs every day but Sunday it´s the real deal. And of course I go out with Poco 3-4 times a day. Sometimes I combine different muscle groups, so I get two off days in the week. Nutrition wise I eat what I want but clean foods and protein based though.

xoxo fashion geek


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  2. Great to find here a women who strongly belive that bodybuilding is perfect for women too. I'm just curious if you are taking any supplements, or you managed to get such nice body only through diet and training?!
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