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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My fav book, have a look inside!

Hi, The Teen Vogue Handbook an insider´s guide to careers in fashion is a must-have. It´s truly a inspirational book an the pictures are amazing. I´m know halfway and can´t stop reading it. Talking to the insiders of the fashion industry like Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang to name some of the over 60 designers, editors, stylists ans so on. I warmly recomend it...
Have a lookey inside...:D

“Ask yourself, Are you sure this world is for you? And are you sure you are the right person to survive in this world–the world of fashion, a world with no rules, no laws?”
Karl Lagerfeld

“Do your homework, go online, visit every museum, and intern. You just need to have a love for what you’re doing. It’s not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it.”
Anna Wintour

The editors of Teen Vogue, photographed by the Sartorialist

Have a nice weekend
xoxo fashion geek


  1. That's my fav' book too!

  2. great post! love that book :)

    have a nice weekend!


  3. OHHH may have to buy that one, thanks for sharing. Oh You will love the new SATC2 book, I got it the other day, its fab xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for following. Lovely Blog..
    Greetings, Luci :)

  5. Oooooo lala!!I'm definetely gonna buy it!!!