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Monday, August 9, 2010

Me, Myself & I

Hello my dear readers!
The summer is making it´s last bloom and I have to admit, this summer has been filled with new experiences, adventures and love from my part. I had the first weeks work as a nurse at a hospital for sick old people, had a awesome time with my best friends, when´t to the beach, Estonia was nice with the hole family and the most great thing this summer was that I found my boyfriend...(but today he went to Sweden to pursue his career)...but life is sometimes like this...I know I will survive and soon we are together again... school starts in a week and then the routines starts...well now I sheered a little bit of my summer holidays so now it´s your turn!

Summer 2010 things:

Song: Lissie-When I´m Alone
Movie: Date Night
Food: Subway (tuna sandwich)
Dessert: New York Cheese Cake
Place: Near the sea
Clothing: Light Dress
Shoes: Ipanama Flip Flops (leopard print)
Bag: Lonchamp Eiffel Bag
Quotes: Don´t cry because it´s over, smile because it happened...
Coffee is like men; they´re warm, strong and keep you up all night...
I didn´t hit you I simply high-fived your face...
xoxo fashion geek


  1. that scarf you're wearing is hot! i love it.

  2. Your so pretty, this is such a cute post.I love that quote BTW true xxx

  3. Yeah this song from Lissie 'When i m alone ' is amazing i love it tooo!