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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Purple Rain!

Purple is the range of shades of color occurring between red and blue.In color theory, a "purple" is defined as any non-spectral color. In art, purple is the color on the color wheel between magenta and violet and its tints and shades. In human color psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites).
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Vogue Paris 2008 cover look, Anna Selezneva by Mert & Marcus

Nicole Farhi spring 2010 runway make-up was so fresh and the purple with green really works.

Girl´s in purple stockings so hot and sexy but maybe it´s just the models.

Miu Miu resort 2009 collection is just so cute and the colors really suites together.

Dior´s dramatic eyes so gorgeous, especially for green or brown eyed girls.

Rich Purple—Gem tones reigned supreme for fall/winter 2010, but the deep purple and plum colors that lit up the fall runways of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Burberry, and Oscar de la Renta dazzled us most.

xoxo Fashion geek


  1. purple is in my top 5 favorite colors

  2. purpel is a gorgeus color!

  3. I'm diggin the purple eye shadow.

  4. Purple is my fave colour so naturally I love this post =D

  5. gorgeous dress!! love the color purple <3