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Monday, February 15, 2010

New yourk fashion week 2010 favorites

Frank Tell:

Describe the Collection in One Sentence: Full skirts, looped knits, in monochromatic black, light blue, grey, camel, white -- it was all about texture pairings for this urban warrior.

Favorite Look: Grey leather full skirt and grey leather jacket with a shawl collar.

Who is Wearing This Collection: Girls who look good in minis and can pull off chunky knits.

Spotted at the Show: Tons of downtown types who look like they could have fit right in on the stage.

Soundtrack Highlights: There was music, but it was drowned out by the chit chat and clicking of cameras.

Final Grade: B


Describe the Collection in One Sentence: Brightly colored African tribal prints in every shape and style with the coolest platforms and a few printed helmets. Amazing!

Favorite Look: A yellow and grey zigzag jacket over a pink and blue top and purple skirt -- so much fun!!

Who is Wearing This Collection: Teen Vogue fans if worn all together -- anyone if you take the looks apart.

Spotted at the Show: Maria Sharpe and Lindsay Jones, the designer of Outlaws of the Border.

Soundtrack Highlights: Disco and authentic African tribal music.

Final Grade: B+

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