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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Pictures EVER!

Ciao ya all! Well if you have watched this foto shoots you and I can say that the pictures scream less is definately not more. So put on your hole jewelry collection and printed jeans. People are going to say or I´m going to say you look ridiculously HOT! PS. i´M SICK AND MY NOSE IS RUNNING EVERY SECOND...

xoxo fashiongeek


  1. Amazing pictures indeed!! Love them all, but especially the last one with Erin Wasson, one of my favourite models :)

  2. loving your blog! came across it this morning and its sufficient to say that it's definitely make my morning more enjoyable!

    loving these pics too of course. the second look is amazing.

  3. Your blog is great!! have a take a look at mine when you have the time adn tell me what you think (: