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Monday, March 15, 2010

It´s MY life!

Here comes some miwed photos I know you like :D Had a good day,hopeyou hade too?
Picture of the day: Ooh my god soo amazing what more can you ask from a shoot.

Look of the day: Proenza Shouler fall 2010 so girly school girl...

Buy of the day: lace necklace so Prada´s collection 09

My nails inspiration Vogue cover with Lily Donaldson she´s so great:)

Bye of the day: ballerinas in the new trend colour hot pink, watch out ;)

When the warm sun lights up your face you become crazy....or at least so you think.

Had a bad hair day what more can I say (hear the song bad day by Daniel Powter).

Most of the year in Finland it´s winter not nice hate it (cold). But this day was so beautiful had to take a picture (was outside with my top, leggins and ugg boots...

My dog=My Love (allways when I come his happy like he haden´t seen mee in a long time)His a labrador/bird dog and very smart I have trained him good.

What´s up with your tail darling?

xoxo fashion geek


  1. that necklace is gawjuzz! i love your hair colour by the way :)

  2. I loved the sneak peak into your life. This was a fun post to read. You're dog is adorable.


  3. That necklace is fabulous. :) And that first picture is so fun.

  4. nice post. i like your shiny dog dog. you are something cute, beautiful skin.

  5. I LOVE the ballerina flats. Hot pink! Adorable. Where could I find a pair of those for myself?

  6. Lovely post, you have great hair!


  7. thanks all for your comments you all are so nice :) xoxo fashion geek