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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to DJ?

Hi fashion lovers! Yesterday I haden´t time to write a post becouse I was with a very nice boy and was home very late. I had on the morning a oral presentation about Alexander Mqueen and it went very well and in history we had about the barocke time period:)...But now I´m in the patying/dancing mood so this post is a inspiration of how I´m feel and this boy I was eyesterday with.

1. Know Your Crowd

You may know the entire Zeppelin catalogue by heart, or have secretly rocked out to every Britney Spears track in existence-- but is that what your friends or people looking to let loose on a Friday night want to hear in heavy rotation? Doubt it. To know your crowd is to play to the tastes of your audience. So, by the time you mix in one of your guilty pleasures, they'll be dancing right along with you.

2. Pick a Tone

Song selection sets a mood. Within any genre of music you can find songs that fit the overall tone you’ve chosen for the evening. For example, no one wants to be grooving all night to a mix of smooth and sexy beats then suddenly hear Juvenile’s "Back That Ass Up"-- Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" is similar in genre, but may fit the mood a little better.

3. Plan Your Attack

Ideally, there should be a progressive rhythm to your night. If you start out too fast with songs that will have your audience killing it on the dance floor, they'll be out of breath in an hour. It's best to ease them revelers into the party with some of your old school favorites, current down-tempo hits, and classics. Once you've got them feeling your vibe (and a little sauced up), take them to the dance floor for as long as you see it working. When last call comes around, throw in some of your hidden gems and slow dance favorites to wind down the night.

4. Have Fun

It’s the point of a party right? If you look like you're having a blast selecting songs or letting your playlist ride, everyone will feed off your vibe-- and chances are, you won't have to look too hard to find your next gig.

Outfite for the party: Ed Hardy cap so want to have it!

Bling Bling clock

T-shirt dances with your body...


Nike shoes a must have and so comfortable

Complete look so rock vs. well anything you want :D

ps. I have tried and it soo fun so don´t bee scared try for your self:)

xoxo fashion geek


  1. I have turntables and in my free time I mix house music!!! But I don't do it quite well, jajajaja

  2. Hey girl! just browsing on blogs, love your fashion tips :)im a new follower!

    xxx suzanna

  3. I like the Edhardy cap!!

    xoxo, Thn - A Step Into My World

  4. Lovely blog and love Edhardy! Congratulations!