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Monday, March 1, 2010

FASHION shows spring favs

Hi you all fashonable people<3

I know it´s fall fashion shows all over the world, but I don´t want to move to the fall when the spring and summer haven´t even started. So now I want to show you my favorite spring and summer collections the best pieces, hard to pick the list could have gone on and on runway shows. Ofcourse this are the spring/summer trend 2010
ps. Happy 1.3 (here in Finland it´s snowing, when does it stop)...BUT now ENJOY!

Balmain: Warriors

Chloé: Demin Wibes

Alexander Mqueen R.I.P: Butterfly Beauty

Dior: Bond Women

Prada: Dazzling Queen

Dsqared: Hunting Team

Stella Mccartney: flower Blossom

Versace: Last But Definitly Not Least

I want it all and I want it NOW!
xoxo fashion geek

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