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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Most stylish women 2010 winner is Ashley Olson!

Hello girls and boys:)
You had the chance to say your opinion who is the most trendy/stylish celeb you know and the answer is Ashley Olson. Congratz yes she´s the right girl to win, so young yet so chic. And she´s a twin so it´s a plus for me becouse i´m a twin allsow, identical twins have the ins and outs of fashion already in their heads when they born.Ashley is a fashion icon I respect she´s really an individual and is not afraid to dress her own style.

Heres now some signature looks from Ashley Olson:

Street smart when needed...

Sleek and chic Ashley allways ready for the red carpet...

Dressing how she knows best black all the way, and allways making a statement...

Ashley as we know her best boho chic big sun glasses, sturbucks in the hand and skinny, but such a strong person with great taste

Have a awsome weekend...
xoxo fashion week


  1. She has alway been my fashion icon since i was very young. I love her!

  2. noo, alexa chung all the way!
    except there are a few outfits of hers that i really love!

  3. i love all of her sunglasses.

    btw, i am now your new follower. follow me too?

  4. Yeah i love her, but she dresses like a homeless person sometimes.. or is that her sister??