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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer Essentials!

Tell me what you just hafe to have before the summer starts?
This is what I want for for the summer essentials.
Summer dreams 2010! April 13, 2010

1.H&M swinsuite
2.Chanel mint nailpolish
3.LV bag
4.Brown leather heels
5.Geek glases
6.Canon pink camera
7.American eagel shorts
8.Jeans vest
9.Stella Mcartney dress
10.Alexander Mqueen top
11.Alexander Mqueen skull ring

I sow today Akirs summer collection for 2010 the best so far...fav collection.

My twin sis with her new look she´s going to buy, so nice...

Me with my relaxed look becouse we had a exame at school and I wanted to fell comfy.

Summer is strawberrys and a good fashion magazine you read under the sun.


  1. yummy!!!!!!!

  2. mint nail polish is my little must have
    I ♥ it!

  3. Number 3 please!! As for your purse... I'll take that too :-)

  4. i'll need a new camera and more nail polish

  5. as soon as i saw the stawberries i just sighed...i love stawberries

  6. That is SO awesome that you have a twin!! Loving the LV bag & Pink Canon Camera - need an upgrade lol. And the American Eagle shorts were on sale not too long ago - hope they still are for about $24/pair!

    Mmmmmmm....Choco strawberries in such a sweet little bowl :) Sounds like the perfect day!

  7. Did you know there was a new Chanel coral nail polish ooohh so pretty