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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Project Blackbook

Hi ya all! I have a nice thing to say now to all you who live in Finland. Prodject blackbooks amazing t-shirts are coming to h&m. Seen on famous bloggers and craved by many. I want all the t-shirts and tanks and i´m going to get them, by wotking my buty of. But it´s really worth it becouse these t-shirts are wat every girl want´s and definately me.
Some facts:A few months ago, Swedish retailer H&M asked customers to submit designs to 18 year-old entrepreneur André Lorenz Stock and his Project Blackbook line of t-shirts. The winning designs would be printed and sold in stores worldwide. The submissions are in, the winners have been chosen and here they are. Just an fyi, the collection has shirts for both guys and gals.
What do you think, do you need one too?

thanks for reading my blog :)
xoxo fashion geek


  1. T-shirts are printed with a wonderful idea and can be worn in many ways

    greet adam

  2. :O
    they're like lisa's Tee !
    I loved for a long time her i'm gonna buy one
    thanks :)

  3. omg those shirts are awesome!!!! do you know if they are only coming to finland??? i'm wondering if they will be in NYC too. i hope so!!


  4. love these!
    currently trying to work out how to do a diy version..but i dont think its going to work out..
    great blog!