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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Theory's Fashion

Hi! Check out this website : has amazing chic clothes for young women who wants to look more than smart.

Famous stylist has done good work with these fresh summer looks...Now some tips from them...
Stylist:Kate Young“There's something really sexy to me about a woman dressed as a man. Choose one menswear must-have- a boyfriend blazer or slouchy pant- or just button your shirt all the way up.”

Stylist:Tina Chai“When you have something that is really great- a perfect shape, a flawless fabric, unexpected detail- you don't need to do much. Often, simpler is better.”

Stylist:Dani Stahl“My favorite print? Plaid. It's business with a slim-cut blazer and trouser, but pair it with denim and it's casual cool. Flexible prints are a must.”

Stylist:Annabel Tollman“Rules are made to be broken, so think outside the box. Wear formal with casual, colors and prints that clash- it's all okay.”

Stylist:Susan Joy“Take seasonless staples such as a striped shirt, a short skirt, and chinos, and mix in the season's most established trends. Too much of one statement is overkill.”

Right off our inspiration board and onto this blog—the moods, swatches and details that stitched the Spring/Summer 2010 collection together.

xoxo fashion geek


  1. fantastic post! i love the stylist's rules and feedback

  2. Wow soooo chic!!!
    Love them all!!
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  6. amazing!!
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  7. from the pictures it looks like the clothes are amazing!! :D

  8. love the simple looks - the stylists said some really useful things!

  9. fabulous post; )