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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My shopping habits!

Hello! When I shop I allways question do I really need this? and if in my minde I have it on every singel day I buy it. The piece I buy needs to make my heart polsate so I now it´s a good buy and girls quality before quantity...Now my yesterdays shopping.
The dress from H&M garden collection, I have craved this dress for a long time and now it´s mine:D

My new scarfe, long so I can hide when I want to and it´s so soft...

Basic top from vero moda I love the colour mint blue...and the cut on the back showes alot what I like.

Yesterday besides shopping I was with a very wonderful person in my life. He borrowed a cd to my ( african music )I love it, it makes me smile. Thanks for a good time Aime :) ps. my nailpolish matches the cd cover...

Tell me about your shopping habits?

xoxo fashion geek


  1. Não acredito que tens esse vestido! Que inveja! corri tanto por ele e ele não vem para o Porto!

  2. Great shopping! Love the H&M garden collection dress ;)

    beijo *

  3. great purchases...LOVE your dress!

  4. hey, cute dress! that scarf will rock any outfit and basics are always needed. great finds :)

  5. Absolutely Beautiful Dress! Great blog :)

  6. OMG! that H&M dress is to die for... i love it. and obviously i need to go shopping soon. following =]